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Our plastic surgeons at Club Image can perform labiaplasty in Scottsdale, Arizona. While many women choose to get this procedure for cosmetic reasons, there are a variety of reasons women choose it. Labiaplasty is the most commonly performed vaginal rejuvenation procedure and it can be used to relieve the symptoms caused by twisting and tugging, itching and irritation of the labia.

A labiaplasty will reduce the length of the labia minora so that it doesn’t hang lower than the labia majora. Some of the most common labiaplasty procedures are the trim procedure, where extra tissue is removed and sewn up, and the wedge procedure where a natural border is maintained after a pie-shaped piece of tissue is removed. Typically, absorbable sutures are used with these procedures.

Patients recovering from labiaplasty usually take a week off from work where they reduce swelling by using the twenty minutes on, twenty minutes off icing method and lying down with their bottom elevated. Most distorting swelling is gone after six weeks but residual swelling may take six months to dissipate. We recommend patient withhold from intercourse or using tampons until four to six weeks after their procedure.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of labiaplasty or have questions about how to finance this procedure, contact us at 480-612-6336 or visit our office today!

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