Breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure aimed to improve the size of a woman’s breasts. If a woman is unhappy with the size of her breasts, our talented plastic surgeons may suggest breast augmentation to correct her overall body shape. Breast augmentation may be for you if you would like:

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammoplasty, utilizes saline-filled or silicone gel implants to help you achieve the breast size and volume you want. Breast implants have various sizes and shapes to suit the needs and wants of each and every patient we see. Before your treatment, you will meet with our plastic surgeons to discuss what beauty is to you and how you would like to look after your breast augmentation. During this consultation, we also ensure you have reasonable expectations for the procedure to make sure you can get the best possible results.

During your breast augmentation appointment, you will be made comfortable with either general or local anesthesia. Our skilled plastic surgeons will make incisions along your areola, in your armpit or in the folds of your breast tissue so you will have less-visible scarring.

Breast augmentations are oftentimes outpatient procedures, and you may be able to resume light activity as soon as 7-10 days after your treatment. You will be able to see your treatment results immediately. For more information on breast augmentations or to schedule a consultation with our skilled plastic surgeons, call our office today.